Gain Insight

Position yourself at the centre of new global insight. Improve your own processes, customise ideas to fit your business and stand out from the rest and become one of the major players within your industry.

Be inspired.

2020 has been a turbulent year for women in business but prompted shifts in behaviours and processes. Listen to our diverse speaker lineup of inspirational women in business as they share their insight, knowledge and post pandemic strategies.

Business development.

Utilise the unique opportunity for cross-industry knowledge clearing with like-minded women in business. You’ll gain insight into long-term growth strategies, learn how to improve processes and apply them to your business as we move towards next-generation organisations and workflows.

Expert led workshops.

Join interactive workshops, led by industry experts, where you'll engage in conversations with your peers, share ideas and learn how to break down barriers and overcome challenges.


Connect with likeminded female professionals, identify role models, meet mentors and engage in global discussions. We have curated a multitude of networking approaches for all your needs.


Increase your professional circle, find a mentor, or become a mentor by engaging in our networking forums connecting you with like-minded professional women in business across the globe.

Networking Events.

Scattered throughout the agenda, are topic based Networking rooms, a space for knowledge sharing, skill swapping and open conversations on day to day life hacks and obstacles.

Speaker Q&A.

Challenge your peers and challenge our speakers. Our experts are on hand throughout the festival so head to the speaker zone to ask any burning questions.


Rebuild our new normal and uncover how you can play an integral role in the repositioning & restructuring of an inclusive industry to see women emerge in the boardroom of the future.

Drive Equality & Equity.

Explore tactics to foster a culture of growth and establish a sense of belonging within your workforce. Join our campaign for an equitable future, one that invests in building inclusive workplaces for all.

Build sustainable futures.

Sustainability and social responsibility is more important than ever. Our CSR & Ethics content is designed to help professionals looking drive both small and large sustainable steps within their organisations.

Fuel Innovation.

Innovation of product, people and process will be key in driving economic recovery. Be a catalyst for change, discover fresh perspectives and local solutions for global problems.


To find balance, build resilience and reach new levels of achievement we have to invest in ourselves constantly. Our personal development sessions are designed to create a positive impact on your future and bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

Lifestyle & Wellness.

In a world where the line between work and home is more blurred than ever, our lifestyle and wellbeing content is designed to help you find a healthy balance and explore all the factors that can influence your professional development.

Personal Development.

Establish your leadership abilities and develop yourself as a future leader. Our expert-led sessions are designed to provide you with the tools and soft skills required to lead while being your authentic self.


Meet our first 35 speakers. We'll be announcing more soon.


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