THRIVEFEST - Pandemic Emergence

Preparing you and your business for a post-pandemic world.

We’re beginning to see the glimpses of a post-pandemic world, in which all we can be certain of is that things will be a far cry from our ‘old normal’.

Business strategy will need to be reshaped, how we work will be reimagined and a one-size-fits-all company culture won’t cut it in the post-COVID era.

On the Emergence track, you’ll hear from innovative business leaders who are successfully pivoting their way though the pan- demic, and are becoming stronger as a result.

Hear their stories of why they chose to make certain decisions, how ‘going digital’ has expedited future plans. Understand the key changes that will affect all industries, so you too can thrive following a period of deep uncertainty.

Topics Include:

Business Strategy

Evolution of work

People & Culture Management

Business Architecture and Infrastructure

Speakers Include:

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