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ThriveFest 19th-21st April,2021

ThriveFest is the place where women in business are celebrated, ideas are shared, new skills are learnt and fantastic opportunities are discovered! We bring together leaders and future leaders to create the perfect blend of inspiration, expertise, diversity and inclusion.

Over three days you can look forward to

• Listening to successful women in business as they share their stories to leave you inspired!
• Supercharging your career through interactive workshops and specialist masterclasses.
• Discover emerging business trends and discover new career opportunities!
• Making real-life, meaningful connections with like-minded women in business;

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Why Attend?

Gain Insight

Position yourself at the centre of new global insight. Improve your own processes, customise ideas to fit your business and stand out from the rest and become one of the major players within your industry.


Connect with likeminded female professionals, identify role models, meet your match with mentors and engage in global discussions. We have curated a multitude of networking approaches for all your needs.


Rebuild our new normal and uncover how you can play an integral role in the repositioning & restructuring of an inclusive industry to see women emerge in the boardroom of the future.


It’s easy to get caught up in the world of work, but as the line between work and life blurs we must focus on a healthy integration. Find your balance, build resilience and boost mental health and well-being by joining in on our sessions on fitness, well-being and Female health.

What are you waiting for? Join us this April